Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As Presidents of both ASPIC and ASEICA, it is a pleasure to invite you to participate at the «III ASPIC-ASEICA International Meeting – Cancer Immunology, Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis» that will take place on October 26th & 27th 2023 at  i3S, Porto, Portugal. 

We are both affiliated societies of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and, due to common research interests and geographical proximity, have decided to establish a strong link via the organization of joint international scientific meetings and workshops. This meeting is another consolidate step towards that direction. Our main purpose is to disseminate and promote the work developed in both countries and create communication channels and partnership opportunities. We are determined to make the much-needed connections between basic scientists, clinical researchers and oncologists.


We expect to count with the participation of interested scientists in cancer immunology, tumor microenvironment and metastasis from Spain and Portugal, to help us place this event at a high standard level. The meeting will have invited speakers plus talks by attendees selected from abstracts. Participants with posters will also have the opportunity to discuss their work. The posters will be displayed in a specific section in the congress venue.

There will be prizes for the two best Selected Short Talks, which will be awarded by the scientific journals «Journal of Clinical Medicine», «Cancers» and «Immuno» and also EACR prizes for the two best posters.

You are invited to take an active part in this meeting, which we believe will be an outstanding scientific event. We are sure that you will enjoy it!

Joana Paredes (ASPIC’s President) & Marisol Soengas (ASEICA’s President)

Scientific & Organizing Commitee

Joana Paredes (i3S – Porto)
Carmen Jerónimo (IPO-Porto, ICBAS – Porto)
Jorge Lima (Ipatimup – Porto) 
Bruno Costa (ICVS – Universidade do Minho – Braga)
Cláudia Faria (HCLN, IMM – Lisboa)
João Nuno Moreira (CNBC, FFUC – Coimbra)
João Lobo (IPO-Porto)
Sérgio Dias (IMM, FMUL – Lisboa)
Célia Gomes (ICBR/FMUC – Coimbra)
Luísa Melo (ASPIC)
Marisol Soengas (CNIO – Madrid)
Xosé Bustelo (CSIC-University of Salamanca)

Abstracts Evaluation Committee

Chair – Bruno Costa (ICVS – Universidade do Minho – Braga)
Chair – Célia Gomes (ICBR/FMUC – Coimbra)
João Nuno Moreira (CNBC, FFUC – Coimbra)
Jorge Lima (Ipatimup – Porto)
Cláudia Faria (CHULN, iMM, FMUL – Lisboa)
Berta Sánchez-Laorden (CSIC-UMH – Valencia)
Juan Rodríguez Vita (CIPF – Valencia)

Scientific Programme

Europe/Lisbon ( GMT)

26th October

15:00h – 15:15h

Official Opening

Luis Costa, ASPIC’s Past President & Xosé Bustelo, ASEICA’s Past President

15:15h – 16:00h

Opening Lecture – EACR Sponsored Speaker

Chair: Marisol Soengas, President of ASEICA

Understanding site-specific immunity to maintain disseminated tumor cell dormancy

Ana Luísa Correia (Champalimaud Foundation, Lisboa, Portugal)

16:00h – 16:30h


SESSION 1. Cancer Immunology

Chair: Carmen Jerónimo & José Carlos Machado

16:30h – 17:00h

The influence of hypoxia and ROS in T cell anti-tumor activity

Asís Palazón (CIC bioGUNE, Bizkaia, Spain)

17:00h – 17:15h

Selected Short Talk

Genomic biomarkers for predicting lung cancer immunotherapy response

Ana Oitabén Fernández (CiMUS, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

17:15h – 17:45h

Immunotherapy in brain tumors: Challenges and opportunities

Rui M. Reis (ICVS, Minho University, Braga, Portugal)

17:45h – 18.00h

Selected Short Talk

From cold to hot: Nano-immunotherapy driving pancreatic cancer over effective anti-tumor response

Rita C. Acúrcio ((iMed.ULisboa/Faculty of Pharmacy, Lisbon, Portugal)

18:00h – 18:30h

Patients’ Advocacy Lecture

Chair: Joana Paredes

EVITA Platform – A citizen-centered support tool driving cancer research

Tamara Hussong Milagre (EVITA)


Meeting Dinner


27th October

SESSION 2. Tumor Microenvironment

Chair: Xosé Bustelo & Fátima Baltazar

9:00h – 09:30h

RAS signalling beyond cancer cells: controlling the physicochemical properties of the extracellular matrix to impact tumour progression

Esther Castellanos (CIC-IBMCC, Salamanca, Spain)

09:30h – 09:45h

Selected Short Talk

Impact of HER2+ brain-tropic breast cancer cells in blood-brain barrier dysfunction during the premetastatic niche formation

Liliana Santos (iCBR/ CIBB/ University of Coimbra, Portugal)

09:45h – 10:15h

The extracellular matrix: a crucial modulator of the tumour immunosuppressive environment

Maria José Oliveira (i3S, Porto, Portugal)

10:15h – 10:30h

Selected Short Talk

CTNNA1 germline variants with a premature termination codon are a risk factor for development of early-onset Diffuse Gastric Cancer in European families

Silvana Lobo (i3S/ICBAS, Porto, Portugal)

10:30h – 11.00h


SESSION 3. Metastasis

Chair: Célia Gomes & Ana Sofia Ribeiro

11:00h – 11:30h

Novel therapeutic strategies in breast cancer

Eva González Suárez (CNIO, Madrid, Spain)

11:30h – 11:45h

Selected Short Talk

UBE2C drives leptomeningeal dissemination in brain metastatic disease and is a promising therapeutic target

Eunice Paisana (iMM, Lisboa, Portugal)

11:45h – 12:15h

Systemic metabolic cues affect breast cancer progression

Sérgio Dias (iMM, FMUL, Lisboa, Portugal)

12:15h – 12:30h

Selected Short Talk

Nanotechnology-based cancer vaccine to re-educate host immune response against melanoma brain metastases

Bárbara Carreira ((iMed.ULisboa/Faculty of Pharmacy, Lisbon, Portugal)

12:30h – 13:00h

Endothelial Notch1 signaling in white adipose tissue promotes cancer cachexia

Juan Rodríguez Vita (CIPF – Valencia)

13:00h – 14:00h


14:00h – 15.30h

Poster Session

15:30h – 16:15h

Closing Lecture

Chair: Joana Paredes, ASPIC President

Burning metastasis bridges: Targeting metastasis initiating cells in combination with immunotherapy

Hector Peinado (CNIO, Madrid, Spain)

17:00h – 17:30h

Awards & Closing Session

Joana Paredes (ASPIC/i3S) and Marisol Soengas (ASEICA/CNIO)